Trinity Chamber Concerts

…presenting the finest of Northern California's emerging musicians


A selection of reviews of Trinity Chamber Concerts

  • 06/07/2014 Splinter Reeds

    "The most magical moment was when the texture blended from monophonic singing to one-by-one counterpoint with the instruments." Read moreBe'eri Moalem, San Francisco Classical Voice
  • 01/08/2014 Musica Pacifica

    "Blumenstock deftly tossed off repeated notes in dancelike triplet figures so deft as to arouse the envy of anyone who has ever stumbled through a violin method book." Read moreThomas Busse, San Francisco Classical Voice
  • 09/08/2012 New Esterházy Quartet

    "Characteristic of this quartet is the attention to detail and phrasing as well as a preference for letting the instruments resonate…" Read moreThomas Busse, San Francisco Classical Voice
  • 06/23/2012: 10th Annual Festival of Contemporary Music

    "The San Francisco Bay Area made another strong case for itself as a focal point for contemporary music on Saturday night." Read moreBrenden Guy, Bachtrack
  • 01/10/2009: Les grâces

    "...four accomplished, thoroughly emerged performers..." Read moreAnna Carol Dudley, San Francisco Classical Voice
  • 09/20/2008: Grosse Abfahrt

    ", adventurous, electro acoustic music. It is truly wonderful, new, vibrant, and exciting, and it's a great programmer and curator who will include it on an equal footing in their chamber music series." Read moreJack Curtis Dubowsky, De Stijl Music blog
  • 09/06/2008: Elizabeth Blumenstock & Janine Johnson

    "...the music-making was breathtaking... played with a hesitant and yet serene poise that touched the heart." Read moreMichelle Dulak Thomson, San Francisco Classical Voice
  • 01/05/2008: The Music of Mario Lavista, with Quinteto Latino & friends

    "I was beginning to feel I was more at a séance than a concert." Read moreJeff Dunn, San Francisco Classical Voice
  • 01/13/2007: San Francisco Renaissance Voices

    "The result was a series of unforeseen encounters throughout the concert, brought immediately to the foreground by an extremely theatrical opening sequence." Read moreScott Edwards, San Francisco Classical Voice
  • 06/08/2006: Ensemble Vermillion (scroll down)

    "In all of the pieces, the outstanding quality was the engagement that the players had with the music and with each other..." Read moreKaneez Munjee, San Francisco Classical Voice
  • 04/22/2006: A Celebration of the Music of Walter Gieseking

    " inventive gathering of musicians turned its attention to an obscure composer, though hardly an obscure name." Read moreBenjamin Frandzel, San Francisco Classical Voice
  • 05/06/2006: sfSound Group

    " arresting succession of sonorities, with two particularly striking movements: one, mostly a series of sustains; the other, music of frenetic, mad passion." Read moreMark Alburger, San Francisco Classical Voice
  • 02/21/2006: Sarah Cahill

    "...Trinity Chapel turned out to have great acoustical qualities for this concert — the piano sounded rich and deeply resonant, but not booming, echoey, or indistinct." Read moreJonathan Russell, San Francisco Classical Voice
  • 12/03/2005: ROVA Saxophone Quartet

    ...this is a very nice place to hear acoustic music, and the finely worked out voicings in Rova's compositions were truly lustrous in this atmosphere." Read moreDavid Slusser, Bay Area New Music discussion group
  • 01/15/2005: Jon Raskin

    "This was the real deal, folks. Anyone attempting a tour de force should look no further for where the bar is set." Read moreDavid Slusser, Transbay Creative Music Calendar
  • 06/10/2004: Novello Quartet

    "...about as much fun as it's possible to have sitting in a pew for two hours." Read moreMichelle Dulak, San Francisco Classical Voice
  • 05/22/2004: Del Sol String Quartet

    "...taut and propulsive, brooding and bizarre in all the right places." Read moreJules Langert, San Francisco Classical Voice